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Founder & CEO

Malcolm Wright is an entrepreneur who specializes in education consultancy and pedagogical development. Through his company, Wrightway Education, he has been able to assist countless students in programs that are complimentary to their existing skills sets.


As a graduate of the University of Toronto, his greatest strength is his ability to recognize student needs and provide clear and concise strategies for his students to reach their goals. Within the realm of education, Malcolm has been able to organize and assist with the successful transition of international students into Canadian institutions. As the Founder of Wrightway Education Inc, he always does his due diligence when finding institutions that best meets the aspirations of his students. With his responsibility of overseeing emerging international student markets such as Turkey, Hong Kong and Nigeria, he has been exposed to the changing demands of the international community. From enrolling students into top notch Canadian institutions, to finding accommodation, Malcolm has always taken initiative to serve in ways that is in the best interests of those he crosses paths with. Furthermore, the responsibility of coordinating international teams have given him the ability to understand the demands of students from all walks of life.


By constantly selling himself as a global citizen, Malcolm recognizes the importance of staying connected on an international level. Also, his community work at Nobellum has provided the opportunity for underserved and underrepresented individuals to have an opportunity to receive the training that they need to create sustainable businesses. So much so that he has been recognized by the University of Toronto for his efforts. Whether it be education, or entrepreneurship, Malcolm Wright takes great pride is providing exceptional service that will gear you towards success.

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