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As leaders of education, we work with students, their families and other consultants to ensure that students are placed in prestigious schools, colleges and universities in Canada.


Wrightway Education was founded by Malcolm Wright and a group of professionals, that aim to provide educational consulting services to international student looking for an environment where they can grow and develop into academically well-rounded students, while they simultaneously develop intercultural skills to be tomorrow’s active and caring global citizens.


“Global Citizen” means having the transferable skills needed to thrive within any boarders through out the world . To truly develop into a skilled and confident global citizen, a student needs to be fully integrated into a community that offers global diversity, inclusiveness and understanding. The talented students of today are the economic, political and administrative leaders of tomorrow.


With over 25 years of collective experience in admissions through networking with schools across the world, Wrightway Education is well equipped to guide students through their application processes. We help them prepare the necessary documentation for school applications to meet admissions requirements. This extraordinary and personalized service ensures that students are placed at a school that will best meet their needs and give them the tools for success.


At Wrightway Education, we provide the most up to date information and personalized counseling to students who are looking to study in Canada and other countries that offer higher education to international students.


Wrightway Education strives to be a leader in the education service industry by using a client focused, proactive and innovative approach in planning, developing, and service delivery. We will meet the changing needs of a diverse ethno-cultural community while encouraging further growth and development for our students.
We help our students reach their dreams
We work with educators and students
We assist with improving student achivement
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Our consultants have experience in all industries to meet student needs
Our consultants have experience in all industries to meet student needs
We work with Education institutions globally

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Student First

We offer a personalized service that caters to the aspirations of our students. Our first step is to hear their immediate goals, followed by identifying their long term ambitions. By operating out of full transparency, we make sure our students have a thorough understanding of the process and what to expect throughout their pedagogical endeavor.


Our services range from grade school to post-secondary. We work directly with students, but also keep parents actively involved in the process if needs be. We treat each application on a case by case basis, but allow our years of industry knowledge to showcase our expertise. By using testimonials or real life success stories, our students have the peace of mind in knowing that they have come to the right place.


By providing a preliminary assessment, our consultants are equipped with the knowledge needed in order to adequately create a study plan. We ask for documents such as academic transcripts, diploma and English proficiency scores. Once those are all obtained we find programs related to our students request based on admission criteria and success indicators. We also disclose tuition fees to ensure our students have the financial health needed for a successful visa application.


The general admission process takes roughly around 4-8 weeks. As the application gets submitted into our pipeline, our competitive advantage comes from our Canadian consultants being in constant contact with admission officers and offices to keep updated. The collaboration between our foreign and Canadian representatives opens a consistent line of communication to ensure our students are taken care of here and abroad.

We listen to your demands and make the most suitable plans for you. Contact us now.